Book with children.

All children will be included as passengers in their reservation.

Children with a height of 135 cm or less should ALWAYS use an approved restraint system adapted to their weight and height.

No supplement is applied to the cost of the reservation, the chairs, elevators or maxi coccyxes are free.

The age and number of children must always be indicated in their reservation, so that the driver can take the necessary child seats in the vehicle.

They can bring their own seats whenever they want.

Weight and approximate measures:

Maxi coccyx: up to 10 kg. Approx.

Baby seats: from 9 kg to 19 kg. Approx.

Boosters: from 15 kg. to 39 kg. Approx.

From 135cm and 12 years, they can use the vehicle’s own belt.

Note: The belt band can never go under the arm or behind the back.

If the band touches the neck or passes under the chin, the child should continue using a booster.